Machines by LEFFER have been used worldwide for more than 40 years and now days characterize Hong Kong's skyline

For instance, nearly all foundation work for the Hong Kong skyscrapers has been done with LEFFER machines.

LEFFER machines are offering the proper combination of power, accuracy, robustness and reliability for your projects. The after-sales service is ensured by service agents worldwide.

Hydraulic Casing Oscillators

The hydraulic casing oscillators have been designed in accordance wiht the la...

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Diaphragm Wallgrab

Hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs The hydraulic gripper adjustment with inclinat...

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Drilling grabs

As a specialist for special foundation equipment, LEFFER offers a large selectio...

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Casings are suitable for producing cased boreholes. Especially in the pile produ...

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Special Machines

Besides our well known standard machines, hydraulic power-packs and drilling equ...

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Drilling tools

The performance of rotary drilling rigs depends largely on the type and quality ...

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LEFFER is offering also all kind of accessories needed in the special foundation...

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